Your Child’s Oral Health

When caring for a child, many parents tend to focus on their child’s physical health before oral health. The important thing to remember about oral health is the need to take care of teeth, even the ones that fall out when we are children. Our team at Progressive Family Dentistry know you want what is best for your children, so we have put together this bit of information regarding children’s oral health.

When your child receives their first tooth is a great reminder and instigator to make a dentist appointment for them. Don’t worry, it is not too early, we promise! If you wait until your child is older, there is higher risk that your child’s teeth are already damaged. It’s better to prevent than treat.

Bacteria can intrude a child’s tooth and gum just like an adult’s. the critical issue with a child having free-roaming bacteria is it’s ability to also damage the formation of the adult tooth. Not only will it cause damage to the baby tooth a gums, bacteria can hinder the formation of enamel of their adult tooth and damage it permanently.

What most people think about when they think of a chid going to the dentist is the struggle that will occur. In order to prevent a child’s discomfort and anxiety toward the dentist, make sure to use positive and affirming language. If they are old enough, explain what the dentist is going to do in a way they can easily understand, if they have an idea of what will occur, the more comfortable they will be. Tell them the dentist is going to ‘count’ ,‘brush’ ,and ‘take pictures’ of their teeth. Fear of the dentist is a learned behavior, they are not born afraid. The Progressive family will also help with this stage by making sure they are comfortable.

You can help protect your child’s teeth by regulating what they eat and drink. Make sure your child is not consuming too much juice on a daily basis. Some juices can have more sugar than we initially thought and can harm their teeth. Make sure your child is getting enough calcium in their diet by drinking milk to promote stronger and healthier bones. When it comes to food, healthy beats sweets, of course! Giving your child fruits such as unpeeled apples will ensure your child is receiving proper nutrients.

At age three, when they are able to spit, your child is ready to use toothpaste. It is important that your child brushes their teeth after breakfast and right before bed. This provides your child with a clean mouth to start the day and to sleep with.

A common thought when it comes to a child’s oral health is questions regarding pacifiers and thumb sucking. Let’s debunk this right now, these activities, if prolonged, can and will deform a child’s top row of teeth. These habits can cause crossbite, protruding teeth, and a deformed upper dental arch. It is suggested to stop the habit by age 2 to 3.
Taking care of your child is both important to you and us. Progressive Family Dentistry is here in order to sustain your family’s oral health and ensure you all are getting the best care possible. If you have not already, make an appointment today!

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