Why Replacing Lost Teeth is Important

Modern dentistry has made the replacement of teeth easy, but why should we pay to have our teeth replaced? By adulthood most of us will have lost at least one tooth due to decay or possibly an injury or accident. It is tempting to believe since the tooth is gone it cannot cause you any more trouble. Here are some things to think about when deciding to have your lost teeth replaced.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to spaces in your jaw bone where teeth once stood. These spaces can cause problems with your other teeth and jaw. Having teeth missing can cause the bite pressure in your mouth to change. This will make teeth shift in your mouth. Shifting teeth mean more places for plaque to enter your mouth in places that are difficult to clean. This means an increased risk of gum disease.

Teeth serve other purposes other than just cutting through food so we can survive; they help you speak. We often forget that our teeth help us form the sounds needed to communicate, since we have not experienced this limitation since we were children. Having teeth missing, depending on the location, can have an impact on our communication with the world around us.

Your jaw bone has places for each one of your teeth. Your teeth hold these spots on your jaw and if your teeth are not there to perform their duty it can compromise the bone of your jaw. The bone around the empty space will start to wear down and deteriorate.

Of course, we all want perfect teeth and no one wants a gap in their teeth. You can call and set up an appointment today to have your teeth replaced and get back to having a perfect smile you’re confident in!

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