What is a Sealant?

Perhaps your dentist has discussed the need for sealants on your teeth, or perhaps you are just curious to see what a sealant is and what it does. Either way, continue reading to find out!

A dental sealant is a thin coating applied to the top (chewing) surfaces of your teeth. Mostly seen and used for the back molars, a sealant is used for the purpose of preventing tooth decay.

The cool part of a dental sealant is that, when applied, the sealant molds and bonds to the individual grooves of the tooth, protecting the enamel. Since brushing and flossing can only do so much to prevent plaque build up, the use of sealants assist in the combat of plaque by getting into the small crevices of the teeth.

Who needs Sealants?

Everyone! Each one of us is prone to tooth decay and have our very own tooth grooves. When a child is between the ages of 6-14, a dentist will usually suggest applying sealants. If you are an adult and do not have sealants, we would suggest you receive them as well.

So, How Are Sealants Applied?

  • Sealants are pain free and simple to apply!
  • First, the teeth are cleaned thoroughly
  • Second, an absorbent material such as cotton is applied to the tooth
  • Third, your dentist will roughen the surface of your tooth in order for the sealant to bond correctly
  • Fourth, your teeth will be rinsed
  • Finally, The sealant will be painted onto the tooth and bonds accordingly. Sometimes your dentist will use a curing light to help the sealant harden.

A super cool aspect of sealants is they last up to 10 years! That means those grooves and teeth are protected from decay for that long! This doesn’t mean you stop brushing and flossing, though!

If you know someone who hasn’t had sealants yet, point them in Progressive Family Dentistry’s direction! We will take wonderful care of them!

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