To The Smart Brush, and Beyond!

Now that the world has seen the smart brush, what will they think about some of the other modern marvels that are still showing up right next to their smart counterparts? This week’s blog topic is all about a pretty impressive toothbrush that arrived a year before the smart brush and still might blow it away.
February is here Summerville, and you know what that means! Valentine’s Day treats and candy that will be wreaking havoc on your teeth and mouth. Please be kind to yourself and your oral health and enjoy these sweet treats on a moderate scale. Please don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth! Let these sweet treats also inspire you to make your next appointment and checkup with us!
In our last blog, we talked about the new smart toothbrushes that will be hitting the market later this year. With the excitement, the big promises both Colgate and Oral-B have made, some mixed skepticism, and fear of a very large price tag, we wanted to take a step back and talk about another unique option that’s out there. This unique option actually made its appearance to the world in developmental stages over a year ago and has returned this year ready to find its place on the market and within the future of oral health. This new toothbrush is said to be the fastest brush out there that provides the best possible brush available. As strange as it might look – it might be what you’ve been looking for! Oral health and keeping up with it can come at a price tag, but this option might be the cheapest and fastest way to get the smile of your dreams.
The Y Toothbrush, created by the French company FasTeesH, was brought to our attention after it made its come back to the world after it first made an appearance at CES just last year. For those of you new to CES, it is an annual trade show hosted in Las Vegas every January and it hosts the latest and greatest products and new technologies to the consumer electronics audience. Its average audience and attendance is over 175,000 people every year. At this trade show, the next steps in technology are first revealed to the consumer market, it’s a sneak peek to see what’s to come.
Last year in its almost market-ready form, it got quite a bit of attention at CES. The Y-shape, almost like a sports mouth guard, brush made consumers do a double-take. The brush promised to clean your whole mouth in 10 seconds, 5 seconds for both the top and bottom of your mouth. It was said to reach every nook and cranny that it would need to reach optimum oral health. Which is quite a bit to be excited about, right? Well – the brush went back to France for a little more work, and it arrived in 2020 ready to be purchased and promising they can deliver exactly what the brush was designed for. The brush is promising to offer efficiency in ways no other brush out there is. Not only that, it will be saving you some serious time! With a price tag of only $125, it’s hard not to jump on this excellent opportunity. This price tag might seem a little hefty, but we don’t know what the Smart Toothbrushes are going to be costing us. You can order it now, but it won’t ship as quickly as Amazon. Delivery dates have been set in late March and May of this year.
With all of this new technology, how could you not be excited about brushing your teeth? You know how excited we always get about a good brush, but with these incredible advancements, we are even more excited! What do you think about these new brushes? Let us know! Until next time, keep up with your brushing well, eat well, and we will see you at your next appointment!

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