The Future of the (Smart) Toothbrush

Basic everyday home gadgets and tools have quickly become “smart” tools over the years. It looks like the toothbrush is receiving the same treatment. Colgate and Oral-B are the first oral health companies that have stepped in and gone beyond the 21st century with their brand new Smart Toothbrushes that will be hitting shelves later this year. 
You might be ringing in the new year with a new diet, spending time at the gym, and scheduling your next appointment with us for you and your family. But for the oral health care industry, we will be seeing something very new and exciting in 2020, and the internet has been exploding about it since it’s recent announcement. It’s official, electric toothbrushes will be entering the world of “Smart Technology”. Colegate and Oral-B have officially announced their one of a kind Smart Toothbrushes, and everyone has had something to say about it! But is adding smart technology to our oral health care necessary? Is it the next best thing to happen to our teeth and gums? Which company has the best of the smart brushes that will hold up to its hype?
Let’s start with Colgate. Just within the first few days of the new year, Colgate introduced the world to the “Colgate Plaqless Pro” smart electric toothbrush. With its new optic sense technology that focuses on detecting biofilm buildup in the mouth so it can be removed while you’re brushing, we were very excited about this toothbrush!
  • Not only will this smart toothbrush be able to sense what needs to be cleaned in your mouth, but it will also be a full education system for you. The toothbrush will get to know your whole mouth every time you brush mapping out your teeth, gums, and everything in between. The information it collects will be sent to an app on your phone that will then be turned into information for you on how to brush better, how to understand your mouth better, and to really see your progress in keeping your teeth clean. The app will be user-friendly and will provide the user with advice and tips on oral care.
  • Colegate wants to provide precise information as you are using the toothbrush that is geared specifically towards the mouth of the person using the toothbrush. It will learn how the individual brushes their teeth, and help you understand how you can brush better. It will also teach you how to best use the brush itself to utilize all of its tools and aspects.
  • While using the brush, the sensors inside will alert the user as to what areas of the mouth need to be cleaned. It will also alert the user when the mouth is officially clean.
  • This smart toothbrush will be hitting the market’s later this year. It will be the very first of it’s kind and is also the very first smart toothbrush designed to detect biofilm.
  • This smart toothbrush has already been awarded the “Best of Innovation for Health and Beauty” award for 2020.
Oral-B was right on Colegate’s heals with the announcement of their very own version of a smart toothbrush. They have announced the Oral-B “iO” will also be released later this year. It offers some of the same benefits that Colegate’s brush does, but has it’s very own spin.
  • The head of the new iO and the new movement of the brush is said to clean every part of your teeth and gums.
  • The brush will have a sensor that will tell you how much pressure should be used in each particular part of the mouth.
  • It will also have an app that will connect your new smart toothbrush to your phone, which will have real-time coaching for every brushing.
  • The iO will have a built-in display if you don’t want to use the app and will come with seven different settings available to the user.
  • So far in studies done with the iO, users have had 100% healthier gums, and gingivitis patients went from unhealthy mouths to healthy in just 8 weeks.
Is this new technology and the apps that accompany it the right way to go for oral health? At the end of the day, it’s helping users keep their mouths cleaner than ever before. Everyone is connected to their smartphones today, so why not use this form of technology to teach and improve oral care across the board? There was a lack of smart technology in the world of personal oral care. So, no matter which brush sounds like the best option to you, Oral-B and Colgate both rose to that challenge and are changing everything about oral health.
Some are very skeptical about these new smart brushes because of the expected high price, the big promises they want to deliver, and if the use of technology was worth it. What do you think about this new step in oral health technology? We look forward to seeing you this year at your next check-up. Until we see you stay healthy, happy, and smiling!

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