The Correct Way to Pull Baby Teeth

Our parents and our parents’ parents have pulled baby teeth with the good ole string attached to the doorknob trick. Since the inception of YouTube parents have found new interesting ways to pull baby teeth.

​Children will start to lose their teeth around the age of six or seven. As the permanent teeth develop, the roots of the baby teeth will dissolve and the tooth will become loose in the mouth. It is important to resist the urge to want to pull the tooth as soon as it becomes loose. It is often better to wait until the tooth is ready to be pulled rather than force it. When a tooth is ready to be pulled it should come out with minimal resistance, minimal blood, and most importantly minimal pain.

These are the steps to correctly pull a tooth according to the ADA.
1. Wash your hands.
2. Wiggle the tooth back and forth, to make sure it is ready to be pulled, with a clean piece of gauze.
3. Apply pressure to the area, a slight twist and pull should be all that is needed to remove the tooth.
4. Inspect the area to make sure that no part of the tooth broke off and is still in the mouth. This can cause infection.

If anything becomes concerning it is always best to contact your dentist and have a professional opinion. If you have any question or concerns about your child’s baby teeth feel free to contact us.


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