How To: Combat Bad Breath

We have all had bad breath at some point in our lives. Whether it was caused by the garlic bread you had for lunch or when you forgot to brush your teeth before you left the house for work. There are, however, many other causes for bad breath that are more serious and need medical attention.

The medical term for bad breath is Halitosis. Specifically for the chronic sufferers, halitosis can be frustrating to live with. So what causes it?

Tobacco products are known to cause serious health problems such as cancer and disease, but it also causes halitosis due to drying your mouth or leaving its byproducts behind after using.

Dry mouth
Coincidently a side effect of smoking, dry mouth on its own also causes halitosis. The saliva in your mouth is your body’s natural tool for cleaning and removing excess food from your teeth. It is also made up of substances that help prevent cavities. Without it, your mouth feels dry and this can cause halitosis.

Infections can cause halitosis, ranging from your nose, your throat, and your mouth. The mucus your body produces due to infection is filled with bacteria which causes you do have bad breath.

Dental Issues
Last but not least, problems with your teeth can also cause problems with bad breath. From cavities to gum disease, these can cause you to experience halitosis.

How can you prevent bad breath?
While in some cases halitosis is chronic, others have the ability to do something about their bad breath. A simple way to prevent bad breath is to keep up with your oral hygiene routine! Make sure you are brushing and flossing all of your teeth, even your tongue! Another great way to stay on top of your oral health is to make routine trips to the dentist! We would love to see you at Progressive Family Dentistry, so make an appointment today!

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