Fun Facts: Animal Teeth Edition

One of our most popular series on your social media has been interesting animal teeth facts we have found over the years. We decided today that we would share some awesome animal facts within a blog to share with your kids and their friends! What is your favorite animal? Hopefully, we have an awesome animal teeth fact about them!

As most of you animal loving people out there know, animals have different teeth depending on what foods they eat! Similar to our teeth, they come in different sizes and shapes! Meat-eaters tend to have sharp teeth, while plant-eaters have flat teeth. Do you know which category humans fall in? That’s right- both! Humans have sharp teeth in the front of the mouth, and flat teeth in the back.

Do you like sharks, or do you think they are scary? Did you know that they lose teeth every week, and get new ones when they lose the old ones? That means sharks can have up to 20,000 teeth in a lifetime! Woah! We humans only get 32 when we are adults, that’s why we have to take great care of them!

Did you know that humans have something in common with giraffes? Before we tell you, can you guess what it is? We share the same number of teeth! Giraffes and humans each have 32 teeth!

Crocodiles are known to have pretty sharp teeth. They have around 60 in their mouth and will grow 2-3,000 in their lifetime. That’s a lot of teeth if you ask us!

Would you consider an elephant’s tusk to be a tooth? We do! They are actually the longest teeth in the entire world!

Animals such as rabbits and squirrels have teeth that never stop growing! That is why it’s so important that they chew on foods such as nuts and acorns!

Insects such as mosquitoes have 47 teeth! They are super tiny and can only be seen with intense magnification!

Do you love horses? An interesting fact about a horse’s teeth is that they weight more than it’s brain!

Did we have a fact about your favorite animal? If not- let us know and we will do some research and write another blog including your favorite animal! Until then, keep smiling!

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