Don’t Forget Your Benefits!

This time of year is full of fun celebrations, holidays, and family gatherings. The last thing on your mind might be your insurance premiums and your benefits. We urge you to review your insurance policies and make sure you are getting all of the benefits out of it as you can before the end of the year! 
We aren’t just excited about celebrating the holidays this time of year. It’s also the time of year to use all of your benefits before your insurance renews. Before you sign on the dotted line for 2020, make sure that you haven’t left any benefits untouched. You’ve worked hard all year paying towards your premium, and you deserve those befits! We know this might not be a top priority on your list right now, but do yourself the favor and review your insurance plan before it is too late.
Important things to know and remember: 
  • Most insurance plans will run out on December 31st. You are very quickly running out of time to renew your insurance and to use your current benefits.
  • If you have met or are close to reaching your deductible, take advantage of it! Get those last-minute dental cleanings, cavities filled, or other dental surgeries or procedures done that you or your family members have been putting off. Get them done before your deductible resets and when you’ll have to pay top dollar for these services.
  • Many dental insurance plans have a maximum coverage amount. If you’ve been needing a root canal, crowns, fillings, etc. it’s time to use your coverage amount. It too will reset once the new year begins. Save your mouth and bank account any further pain!
  • Health insurance has been changing drastically these last few years. Next year your coverage might change again and what you’ve been able to cover these last few years, might not be covered next year or even the year after that. Help yourself and avoid any surprises. Have your family members and yourself get the treatment they need before it may or may not be covered.
  • If you have an FSA account to cover your medical expenses, remember that whatever is leftover in your account at the end of the year will not roll over into the next. Don’t let that money go to waste!
  • If you have an FSA, you may have a grace period of about two months into the new year to use some of the previous year’s money. You might be able to carry over $500, but this isn’t the case for every FSA. If you have more than $500 left in the FSA account, you will still be losing it if you don’t use it!
  • If you are paying for or are having part of your paycheck go towards your insurance every month, you’ve worked hard towards your premium all year. If you haven’t been to the doctor or dentist all year, it’s time for a visit. You and your family deserve it!
  • According to the National Association of Dental Plans, only 2.8% of people with a PPO dental plan reached or exceeded their plans annual maximum.
  • Your employer is paying for some of your insurance coverage too. If you don’t use your benefits, you’re wasting their money. This hurts the company that employs you and could eventually affect you or your job.
  • Preventative care is much better than dealing with what could be a nasty outcome if something is left untreated. It’s much better to keep your teeth clean and healthy to avoid cavities and other issues than it is to wait until you have to have a root canal or crown. Both procedures are much more expensive than your annual exam and cleaning. Plus, many plans pay for preventative coverage without any or a very little co-pay coming out of your pocket.
  • People will be trying to use their benefits by the end of the year. If your family needs any care before the 31st, try and schedule them before you lose any opportunity to use your end of the year benefits.
Have we got your attention yet? Don’t panic, we want to make sure that you can use your benefits and will be happy to see you and your family in our offices before the 31st! Remember, many insurance companies provide those preventive services of two checkups a year for everyone covered under your insurance. Has your family taken advantage of this yet? These visits make sure that the whole of your oral health is in good shape, you’ll walk away feeling amazing with a professional clean, and you can catch any big issues that might be starting before they get worse! We want you to enjoy your holidays AND your dental plan before the ball drops of New Year’s Eve. We urge you to read over your plan and then give us a call. We will see you and your family soon for your next dental visit!

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