Do You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Everyone at one point has to deal with their wisdom teeth developing in their mouth. Having the right information can help to catch impacting wisdom teeth before they cause to much trouble. Your wisdom teeth can become impacted when the wisdom teeth do not have enough room to come in. This can cause damage to the surrounding teeth and gum disease. Here are the early warning symptoms so that you can schedule a dentist appointment.

  • Pain In The Back Of The Mouth
    • Most of us make a dental appointment when our teeth begin to hurt. One of the symptoms of a possible impacted wisdom tooth is throbbing and aching towards the back of the jaw where the wisdom teeth are located.
  • Swollen Or Bleeding Gums
    • Swollen and bleeding gums are also a sign. The gums can become tender to the touch especially when brushing. Though bleeding gums could be other things it is still best to schedule an appointment immediately so your dentist can accurately identify the issue.
  • Swelling Of The Jaw
    • Along with swelling on the inside of the mouth, a swelling around the jaw is also a symptom of your wisdom teeth developing incorrectly. The swelling starts out subtly so make sure to be paying close attention your diligence could prevent further complications.
  • Swollen Glands In The Shoulder And Neck
    • It is no surprise that a problem in your mouth can cause other problems, after all, the body is all connected. Often when a patient is suffering from impacted wisdom teeth the glands in their shoulder and neck will swell. As well as suffering from headaches and pain radiating from the face in general.

Experiencing one of these symptoms may not mean that you have impacted wisdom teeth. If you are experiencing multiple of these symptoms then it is more likely that having impacted wisdom teeth is the reason. If you are, in fact, experiencing these symptoms be sure to make an appointment immediately your dental health is important to us!

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