Dental Anatomy in Children

Has your child ever asked you how many teeth they have, why their teeth fall out for the Tooth Fairy to collect, or why teeth don’t all look the same? Well, you may have to handle the question about the Tooth Fairy, but we can answer the other two!

A child has 20 teeth in total. These are the teeth that will fall out and end up under their pillows for the Tooth Fairy to leave them money. Both the upper and lower jaw include 2 canines, 4 incisors, and 4 molars.  The reason they do not look the same is because they each type have their own function.

Teeth located in the front of the mouth, the ones predominant in a smile, and help bite off food for you to eat.  Coincidentally that they are located in the front of the mouth, they are also the first type of teeth to come from the gums in babies.

Canines are the sharp teeth located on the sides of ones forward jaw.  These teeth help tear or bite into food that is too difficult for your incisors to penetrate.

Molars can be tricky to explain in a child.  The Molar category is broken into two sections. Premolars and Molars. Premolars are not located in young children because they do not begin growing until around the age of 10. Molars are the biggest and strongest teeth. These grind up food and therefore assists in the digestive process. Wisdom teeth are included in the molars of adults once the grow in, adding to 32 teeth in an adult!

Let your child know how many teeth they have and how many teeth they will have when they grow up and see what they say!  Let our team know their funny or smart responses the next time you bring them in for their appointment with us at Progressive Family Dentistry!

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