Cracked Tooth Syndrome

One of the worst feelings to experience is being in pain, yet not knowing where or why. With Cracked Tooth Syndrome, this is the frustration felt by both client and dentist. Because the tooth has yet to break, it can be difficult finding the small, incomplete, crack. While it may be understandable that the crack can not be viewed by the naked eye, it also does not show on X-rays, or is located beneath the gum surface.

What are the Causes?

As with most dental cases, there are preliminary factors which cause the problem. With Cracked Tooth Syndrome, the grinding of teeth, fillings too large for the tooth, after a root canal, and too much pressure on the teeth are most common.


Measures to prevent Cracked Tooth Syndrome include discussing with your dentist ways to stop the grinding and clenching of teeth, receiving quality dental care from a professional, and properly taking care of your teeth.

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