An Apple a Day!

It’s already that time again – heading back to school will be here before you know it. Before you send your little ones back to school, make sure their teeth are just as prepared as they are to start the new year! 
And just like that in the blink of an eye, summertime is already coming to a close. After a great few months of swimming, fireworks, vacations, and summer camp it is already time to start picking up school supplies and getting your schedules ready for after school practices and activities. But are your kids just as prepared to start the school year off with a happy and healthy smile? It’s time to start getting back on schedule for making sure your children’s dental care is just as ready as their homework. Here are some great tips and hints on dental care for your children as the school year begins!
  • Trips to the dentist. What better way to start of the school year than a proper cleanings and exams for the whole family? It’s a great idea to start visits to the dentist early, so children become used to this visit. It also instills healthy dental practices from a young age as well. If you have multiple children, it will help your little ones going to the dentist for the first time to watch their older siblings go to the dentist first and see that there is nothing to be worried about. Their big brother or big sister comes back from the dentist happy and with a big clean smile. What is there to be afraid of?
  • Healthy Snacks. Try and keep the amount of sugary foods, sweets, and sodas as limited as possible. Keep healthy snacks handy throughout the school year, and healthy options packed in their lunches. Don’t overthink these snacks – already chopped veggies and fruits waiting in the fridge after school or some pita and hummus are perfect examples of yummy and fun snacks! If you can eat healthy like this together as a family, it will make this transition easier for little ones already used to eating more sugary junk foods – or introduce little ones to a healthier life style sooner!
  • Make brushing and flossing a fun activity! Be supportive and helpful as your little ones begin to learn how to brush their teeth, how often they should be brushing, and that it’s super important for them to do!
  • If your children are planning to play sports, take PE classes, or really enjoy recesses – wearing properly fitted mouth guards can prevent any damage that could happen during these activities.
Trips to the dentist for the youngest members of your family can be a challenge. It’s a new experience, with new people, with all kinds of new sights and sounds around them. Here are a few tips for when taking these little ones to the dentist, perhaps for the very first time!
  • Leave you anxiety at the door. It can be nerve-wracking to see your little one uncomfortable in the dentist chair for the first time. But remember mom and dad, they are following your emotions in these new situations. If they see that you’re anxious or nervous, their fears will be confirmed and it will be a difficult trip to the dentist. But, if you’re calm and relaxed – it will make the visit much more enjoyable.
  • Make sure you child isn’t hungry when they go for a visit. If they are hungry and grumpy, the last thing they will want to be doing is sitting in a dentist chair or in a waiting room before their check up.
  • Schedule your child’s dentist appointment when it isn’t nap time. A grumpy and sleepy little one will not enjoy their visit to the dentist when they are used to napping during that time!
  • If your child isn’t keeping their cool – make sure to keep yours. It’s a scary experience, and one some children may not like. If they are upset and showing it, keep your cool through the situation. If it isn’t a good appointment, you can always reschedule and come back on a calmer day.
Tooth care goes beyond brushing, regular appointments, and eating well. There are a few ideas to keep in mind when your children go back to school that you may not think about before they happen!
  • Cavities in children wont hurt until they get infected! Keep a steady eye on anything that could potentially turn into a cavity before its too late.
  • For anyone child wearing braces or retainers for the very first time. Make sure to keep both extremely clean. This is important when it comes to infection prevention, prevention of cavities or sores, and prevention of altering the good bacteria fond in the mouth.
  • If a child falls on their face, make sure that their teeth are also inspected right away. Small problems or damage could affect the root of the tooth – causing much bigger problems in the future!
It really doesn’t take too much more than an apple a day to keep your children and their teeth happy and healthy. We all of us at Progressive Family Dentistry are so excited to start another school year, and will be here for all your back to school cleanings and exams. If you have any questions or concerns – please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always here for your and your family, and all of their beautiful smiles!

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