A Surprising Stocking Stuffer

When we dream of all the wonderful things that could be left in our stockings this holiday season, what is one of the last things you’d expect to find waiting there? A toothbrush! But thanks to some very smart parents and well-placed commercials, these important little tools are starting to make a familiar appearance come Christmas morning! 
Happy December Summerville! How excited are you that Christmas is only days away? We are so excited to spend some time with our friends and family. We have had a wonderful time catching up with you as you’ve stopped by to get your last appointments before the holidays. Thank you for taking the time to do that for you and your families. We appreciate the extra care you’ve given your teeth and the wonderful etiquette you’re teaching your little ones. Please be good to your teeth this holiday season, and watch what you’re eating. There are so many delicious but dangerous sweats and drinks out there that will wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. Don’t jeopardize your oral health just because it’s Christmas. If you do, we hope to see you bright and early come 2020!
Speaking of the holidays, have you noticed that one of the most popular stocking stuffers has become the toothbrush? Can you imagine just how exciting that is for us? With the addition of so many fun and exciting toothbrushes for children adorned with their favorite princess, hero, or adorable animal, it’s not uncommon to see a brand new toothbrush arrive with Santa. But my dear elves, we do caution you, there are certain aspects and traits you need to look for when choosing your next toothbrush for a loved one or one of your children. We love the fact that this is becoming a tradition, but please recognize that you need to pick out the right brush for the right reasons.
In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to share some of the top things you need to pay attention to when picking out your toothbrushes!
  • When choosing a toothbrush for a child, pick one with a larger handle. That will make it easier to hold. Make sure the bristles are soft, and the head of the toothbrush itself is small enough to fit into their mouths properly and clean the teeth correctly.
  • If you’re shopping for someone with arthritis, difficult teeth, braces, or who has issues brushing properly, it’s best to invest in a power toothbrush for them.
  • Avoid dollar store and cheap toothbrushes. They might look cute and be affordable, and also be found where you’re getting your other stocking stuffers. A toothbrush is a gift you need to invest in, and a wonderful investment to give. Take the time to pick the right one and spend the extra money. It’ll be worth it every time.
  • Always choose softer bristles over harder ones.
  • Make it a gift that keeps on giving! Your toothbrush needs to be changed every 3-4 months. Give them the first one this holiday season, and help remind them to switch it out when it’s time. Or, surprise them with a new toothbrush when it’s time to switch out!
We are so excited to see this holiday tradition grow! If you find a toothbrush in your holiday stocking this year, please tell us all about it at your next dental appointment. For those planning on giving them as a gift, thank you! It’s one of our favorite gifts to give! From all of us at Progressive Family Dentistry, have a wonderful holiday!

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