20 Great Dental Jokes We Wanted To Share

  1. What​ Do Dentists Do On Roller Coasters?  They brace themselves
  2. What Do Dentists Call XRays? Tooth pics
  3. What Did The Werewolf Eat After He Had His Teeth Cleaned? The dentist
  4. What Does The Dentist Of The Year Receive? A little plaque
  5. How Did The Dentist Become A Brain Surgeon? Their drill slipped
  6. What Happens When You Get A Gold Tooth? You put your money where your mouth is
  7. What Time Do Most People Go To The Dentist? At tooth thirty
  8. Why Should You Be Nice To Your Dentist? Because they have fillings too
  9. Why Do Dentists Seem Moody? Because they always look down in the mouth
  10. What Did The Dentist Say To The Golfer? You have a hole in one
  11. How Would A Dentist And Manicurist Fight? Tooth and nail
  12. What Do You Call A Dentist In The Army? A drill sergeant
  13. What Is A Dentist’s Office? A filling station
  14. Who Has The Most Dangerous Job In Transylvania? Dracula’s dentist
  15. What Did The Dentist See At The North Pole? A molar bear

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