10 Reasons Why The Dentist Isn’t As Scary As You Think!

Sometimes, children tend to be afraid of dentist appointments. If your child has anxiety about their appointment with the staff of Progressive Family Dentistry, take time to read them these reasons why the Dentist isn’t as scary as they think!

Dentists are people, just like you!
Has your parents ever told you not do be afraid of a doctor or a teacher because they are human, just like you? Well, so is Dr. Corella! We all have our fears, but the dentist shouldn’t be yours! Dr. Corella will make sure that your experience at Progressive Family Dentistry will be fun!

They are trying to help you take care of yourself!

Your teeth are so important! The Progressive Family team just wants to make sure your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible! Your appointment will go smoothly if you have been brushing and flossing just like your parents tell you to!

Dr. Corella loves kids and wants to make sure your smile is the best!
As one of the best Dentists in the Summerville area, Dr. Corella is on a mission to make sure your smile is the best! You could even say he is a tooth superhero! He is saving the world from plaque and unhealthy gums! You can be a superhero too, by being brave and visiting the office for your appointments!

They wouldn’t do anything to hurt you
You may be a little scared of what will happen. You can always ask the dental hygienist what they plan on doing during your appointment, as well as if your Mom or Dad can go back with you to hold your hand. The dental hygienists have your safety in mind and want to make you as comfortable as possible. You can even bring your favorite stuffed animal if you are still scared.

The average appointment lasts about an hour
It won’t last forever. The time will pass and your appointment will be over before you even realize it! When it’s over you’ll wonder what you were even afraid of!

Don’t be afraid of the tools

If you are scared of the cleaning tools the dental hygienists are using, ask them questions! They will tell you what each does so you feel comfortable. None of the tools are meant to hurt you, just provide you with great dental care!

Ask the dental hygienist if you can watch them clean your parent’s teeth!
If your parent has an appointment before yours, ask the staff if you can go back with your parent and watch because you are nervous about your own appointment. If you can’t watch, ask them to show you what the tools are used for on a set of false teeth!

If you need a tooth pulled, they’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt!
Your comfort is a priority! Don’t worry if that snaggle tooth won’t budge. Sometimes, a tooth can be stubborn and need a little help to be removed. The dentist will be extra careful in removing your tooth for the new one to have room to grow!

The braver you are, the sooner you’ll be done!

Going to an appointment with a brave face and positive attitude will help the time go by!

You might even get ice cream after!
Depending on how brave and well you are in your appointment, you Mom or Dad may get you an ice-cream, or another treat for being so well-behaved! We hope you get your treat, but make sure to brush your teeth afterwards!

If your child needs encouraging, we want to help you give it to them. While this list may not fully apply to your child, it may help another, so please share these reasons why the Dentist isn’t as scary as your child thinks! At Progressive Family Dentistry, we strive to have a safe environment for all ages. We understand that children can sometimes be afraid, and want them to realize they don’t have to be!

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